Ceramika Galia

We are a family-owned company with many years experience in producing the known around the world ceramic ware from Bolesławiec. Already for two generations we are supplying our clients with unique and handmade pottery. We use natural raw materials which mainly originate from sources in the neighbourhood of Bolesławiec. Thanks to the usage of these natural resources we are continuing the centuries old tradition of our region.


The pottery production process that takes place at our manufacture is done with no mechanical equipment. Thanks to that our products are entirely handmade: from the very beginning when the clay is being mixed and poured into the forms, thorough the painting process, till the last stage when the products are glazed and put into the oven.


Thanks to a wide variety of shapes our pottery is perfect for everyday use. The very high temperature of firing (1230°C, 2246°F) guarantees the durability & quality and makes it possible to use our pottery in dishwashers, microwaves and ovens. Moreover we use environmentally friendly paints and glazes that are cadmium and lead free.


Our patterns are made by hand with an traditional stamping technique known to our area as well as painted with a brush. They are distinguished by a daring gamut of colours inspired by the changing seasons. The combination of new trends and traditional polish pottery makes our products look wonderful in every kind of interior.



The tradition of producing polish pottery in our family was started in 1979 by Helen and Jan Galik. Back then the company was called “Ceramika Garncarstwo” and it was located in Różyniec.

Ceramika Bolesławiec Galia U-V3 i A-V3
Ceramika Bolesławiec Galia U-WP i U-P2


In 1993 the manufacture was moved to Łaziska. The company was producing mainly one-colored flower pots and air humidifiers for the Polish market.


In 2003 Agnieszka and Andrzej Jasiukiewicz joined the company. This was the beginning of  a new chapter. They introduced new colors and first decorations. In the following years they also started to produce pottery decorated with the traditional technique from Bolesławiec and began to export it worldwide. 

Ceramika bolesławiecka Galia A-NC


Thanks to its uniqueness and durability the Polish pottery from Bolesławiec became known all around the world. Currently we are exporting our products to the USA, Canada, China and Japan, just to mention a few. However, we are constantly searching for new distributors of our products.

Export Map Ceramika Galia


As a handicraft manufacturer we have always been more concerned with the quality of our products than with the quantity. So if you are looking for original and unique polish pottery please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are interested in national as well as international cooperation.