Boleslawiec Pottery Festival Ceramika Galia


Every year in the middle of August the famous Pottery Festival is taking place in Bolesławiec. It lasts usually  from Wednesday till Sunday. The main aim of these few days is to promote polish pottery from Bolesławiec.  People from all around the world come to our city to admire the regional handicraft, make new business contacts or buy pottery. Additionally different artistic events are taking place during the festival to make this time unforgettable for the visitors.

Pottery market

The heart of the Pottery Festival is definitely the Old Square in Bolesławiec. This is the place where the pottery market is located. The square around the city hall is full of people that go from one stand to another. In small wooden houses the manufacturers are presenting their clients the fruits of their hard work. They show them new patterns and shapes. The shelves are weighed down with colourful cups, bowl and flower vases. In a garden surrounded by a small fence you can get your face and arms painted with traditional stamps. Moreover during pottery workshops you can also try to do your own ceramic coffee cup or plate. Additionally to the traditional pottery from Bolesławiec you can also find there products from other handicraft manufacturers .

Bolesławiec Święto Ceramiki
Bolesławiec Święto Ceramiki


Every year a parade is also taking place at the Old Square. It’s led by the cities officials and the members of the Pottery Guild from Bolesławiec. Since we are also a member of it Mr. Andrzej is taking part in it as our representative. All people from the guild are dressed in festive gowns. On the chest they wear an ornamental necklace made of ceramic tiles, which are the symbol of each manufacturer. The parade is also offering other attractions like oriental dance show, motorcycle jamboree or artistic performances.

Additional attractions

The Pottery Festival is celebrated in many different ways. Apart from the pottery market it also offers the visitors different artistic shows, events and concerts. There are of course also typical polish festival snacks such as cotton candy, waffle or bead with lard. For kids there is also an amusement park. As you can see everyone can find here something for himself. That’s why we warmly invite you to take part in the next Pottery Festival in Bolesławiec.

Bolesławiec Święto Ceramiki
Święto Ceramiki stoisko Galia

Our stand

Every year our stand is located next the the crossing of Sierpnia’ 80 street and Rynek street. You can see the location on the map below. If you want to talk about cooperation during the Pottery Festival please write us a short message so we can make an appointment. We hope to see you at our stand!